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More About Me

you are allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time


Hey I m Cathrin.

I am living in the beautiful landscape of the Basque Country most time of the year.
I moved here from Germany 9 years ago and brought my husband and our 3 kids with me:-)

I love the nature and I m really happy to be able to do my Workouts and Coachings while watching the waves go by, hearing the ocean sing and the wind blow!

I am always stoked about Gods creation and I wanna share my passion and love for the nature and sport with you!

Life is a beautiful adventure to your innerself and I want to accompany you in the moment where you need someone by your side!


Some details about myself

Exercising in all kind of ways has always helped me let off steam and feeling my body properly but I couldn't run away of responsability and get rid of uncomfortable feelings ... so the feelings of sadness, lonliness, overwhelming and stress kept coming back!

I wasn't able to switch on my brain properly and my body worked at full speed for years or even decades untill I've got heavy back pain!

I knew through years of experiences as a coach and sports therapist that tension and pain in our body are usually protective mechanisms and protective functions of our subconscious. So we cannot always get physical symptoms and illnesses under control through medication, sports exercises or mechanical straightening. Because our body is indispensably connected to our soul and spirit!

So my neuroscientific research began to find (new) methods to combine body, soul and spirit and I got great news: The brain is plastic and can actually be changed by your mind!

The latest research of the Neuroscientiste are discovering how the soul and spirit can change the body's biology and help it overcome illnesses!


I relized more and more that traumas, sadness or disappointments cannot be changed and they never will be - no matter how smart or attractive, spiritual or loving I become - and my healing process started!

I stopped running away, I let go and listened to my body and soul intensely, learned how to care about myself and beeing responsable for my thoughts and choices!


The best of all - I know that I don't need to do it on my own, because Gods' love and wisdom is with me!

My 6 pillars with which I always come back to my strength, see clear and align my focus:

1. Be still and pray

2. Nature

3. Gratitude

4. Sport and cold water

5. Creativity

6. Healthy nutrition and deep sleep


What I love and what nurtures me

The beauty of nature
Sun rays and Rainbows
The ocean and its power
The mountains
Traveling and meeting other people

Expressing creativity in all kind of ways
My family and friends

Deep conversations
Moving my body

What I can offer you

I always try to create a space for you where you can be FREE, without jugement to just BE and experience yourself!

A lot of good vibes and a motivation boost


Authenticity and Transparency


Active listening and asking important questions


Seeing your strength and light within you

Rest and deep acceptance

To experience how people can master the demands of life more easily, more energetically, more happily and enjoy life through fitness, a change in mind and a new awareness of themselves, is the best gift in my work!

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