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„We can t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them!“ - Albert einstein -s

Living a full, healthy, successful and ecstatic life is our birthright. All potentials are already in us!!!

Through experiences from childhood to adulthood, beliefs, protective mechanisms and patterns develop in every person. These can slow us down, hinder us and even make us depressed and paralyzed.

Sometimes there are situations on our life path in which we lose our bearings and keep walking the same loop despite our best efforts. We may experience helplessness, fear, stagnation and dissatisfaction in these moments. Illnesses can also be signals for a change of course on our journey.

At this point, LifeCoaching can give directional impulses and suggestions to embark on a new path.

Coaching is about using the power of your mind to rewire old thinking habits, to uncover destructive behavior, self-sabotage or self-defeating patterns and therefore be able to change your overall health.

It can bring light into any room, no matter how dark.

You alone decide how far you want to go!

Few people (if there are any) achieve their goals on their own. Everything is easier with good support. Every athlete has teammates, consultants and coaches.                                

How does Lifecoaching work?

1.  First meeting: get to know each other

We'll connect and see whether it fits us both personally. We'll talk about my basic approach as a coach, clarify your open questions and can discuss further details such as your personal expectations, goals and needs, your timetable and the costs.


2. We decide to work together


You decide which topic we work on!

We illuminate your topic from different perspectives and I accompany you to find the best solution for you.

We take stock of your current situation and reflect it.

Where are you now? Where do you want to go? What is your challenge at the moment?

We question, change the point of view and the perspective.

We activate your existing strengths, potentials and resources and go step by step to find the solution that suits you!


Be clear about what you really want and need!


The more clearly you formulate your goals, the sooner you will achieve them!

With a powerful, mindfulness and responsable mindset You will get your life into direction you want it to go and to reach your goals and dreams!

The aim of my Coaching is: helping you to help yourself - and making myself superfluous (in this problem case).


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