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PIlates & Personal COACHIng

"Do something good for your body, so that your soul feels like living in it!" - Theresa from avila -

A fit and healthy body and mind is the result of a balanced lifestyle.

My core believe is a deep and undeniable connection between physical fitness, positive self-perception and a healthy nutrition.

Physical and emotional pain are a warning of the body that something is not going right. It is also an opportunity to change someone’s life into a healthier and happier one.

You can choose anytime and you have the full responsability for your life!

As a mom of three and a coach of many I understand how hard it is to have some time on your own, to overcome the inner ego and to stay focused on the things you really care about.

Yoga am Meer



The key focus of Pilates is based on a holistic approach that encompasses both the deep abdominal muscles and the entire muscle structure around the spine.

Joseph Pilates ( 1883 - 1967 ) describes this as activating the "powerhouse".


"In 10 sessions you will feel the difference.

In 20 sessions you can see the difference.

In 30 sessions: a brand new body."
-Joseph Pilates-

Mädchen tun Push-ups

Personal Coaching

Time just for you!

Are you busy at work, not flexible in terms of time, want the most effective training, experience your body again?

As your personal trainer I will develop a customized workout schedule fitting to your specific needs.

Key aspects could be:


  • Pilates for a healthy back   

  • Specific exercices after an injury / disc prolapse

  • Deep Stretch and Relaxation

  • Allround Fitness (endurance, strength, agility, coordination, balance)


Life Coaching

It's all about your needs!

You need support in a difficult decision or situation?

Are you looking for a new direction in life?

Want to hone in on a specific detail?

As your coach, I'll pick you up from where you stand and give you the right tools.


Cathrin Hoch
Sport scientist, Pilatestrainer & Personal Trainer, Mental Coach,
Lover of nature & Chocolate, comforter & Companion


Ma Methode

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         +33 648043444

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